Turnkey MRI suite fitout, equipment installation and project management.



Example Scope of Works:


Step 1 Icon Pre-building Step

  • Site building plans & permits

  • Work safety plans & relevant OHS documents.

  • Structural assessment of slab below magnet is adequate to support weight of cabin, shielding & magnet load.


Step Two Icon Demolition and Roughi Build Step

  • Demolition of walls, ceilings to suit new MRI suite layout.
  • Construction Construction of timber frame stud walls forming cabin shell to suit cabin, magnet delivery path hatch and all other required structures.


 Step Three Icon Electrical Installation Steps

  • Re-routing of electrical services in proximity to 0.5mT zone.

  • Installation of lighting, power circuits within MRI Vinyl/floor coverings and provision and installation of security access doors to MRI Suite.


 Step Four Icon Mechanical and Hydraulics Steps

  • Medical gas oxygen and provision and installation of Med-gas outlet.

  • All mechanical works conducted in relation to climate control

  • Equipment Room, Chiller, Quench Pipe Installation of the ceiling grid, tiles fitted, general fit out lights, data & power points

  • All works related to chiller All works related to quench piping installation


Step Five Icon Final Build Step

  • Construction of control room and equipment room with custom made furniture Installation of new switchboards, body protected GPO’s, data points and required emergency shut-off mechanisms (such as emergency power off buttons)

  • Installation of the Delivery Hatch in side wall.

  • Plastering, painting, flooring, plumbing, air conditioning fixtures


Radiology Specific Case Studies

Case Study 1 Mri Installation Radiology Case Study 2 Hospital Based Radiology Case Study 3 Community Based Radiology


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