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MICSA property experts compiled a list of lease opportunities for medical or allied health use. In this May New Listings Update, opportunities were found in Essendon, Dandenong, Kilsyth, Altona North,  Mitcham, Bellfield, Ferntree Gully, Lalor, Southbank, Mornington, Geelong, Glen Waverley, Burwood, Richmond, Mornington,  Thomastown, Rosanna and Brunswick, as well as ne regional Victoria pick in Horsham.

Site Overview Inspection

During a typical site overview we take levels of the site at each corner and at various measured distances along all boundaries, prepare a contour plan of the site with reference to a relevant datum point or if available, locate all trees, major shrubs and plants as well as identify existing services (if any).

Construction Site Management Blog

r A well run constuction site involves procedures which must be followed to ensure safety, security and efficiency. The set of procedures is organised around 12 aspects which mainly address issues of safe work. In this article they are referred to as the 12 pillars of construction site management.

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Project specification is an important set of documents which is provided by the architect or building designer.
If all the information relating to a project was shown on the drawings, they would be very difficult to  read. The specification provides supplementary information to the drawings, and takes precedence over any notations on the drawings.

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The frame of a building is its backbone, and it's crucial that it is secure and safe. There are at least two ways to build a frame, a steel frame, and a timber one and there are debates about which should be recommended. 

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The MICSA Safety Program is good practice and a neccessity.

In this article, we present a typical construction site safety program designed in consultation with employees and contractors.




Casestudy Unique Cover350 square metre general practice (plus an additional 200 sqm specialist centre) with a centrally located procedure area. A lift was installed to connect to the upper level, allowing for an additional 150 sqm of usable space.

The general practice was designed to accomodate easy workflow of patients from waiting area to consulting rooms or to a centrally located procedure area with an djacent nurse's interview room. This case study identifies challenges of maximising valuable clinical space in a shell that was previously a bank (including a safe/strong room, steel curtains and counters and an outdated mechanical and electrical infrastructure). In order to meet the latest disabled access requirements, a lift was installed in the most non-obstructive location accessible from two separate tenancies on a single floor. Several structural considerations were made to ensure site safety and building integrity.

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Casestudy Vmc Cover

Comprehensive 1200 square metre general practice with a centrally located procedure area designed for high efficiency, comfort and safety

This project involved all aspects of a modern medical centre able to easily accomodate high number of patients. 18 consulting rooms are complemented with several nurses stations leading into a centralised procedure area hub. This case study outlines components such as mechanical, electrical and hydraulic installations and presents ways to deal with a tight construction schedule in a working hospital setting (taking into account noise and limited access restrictions)

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Case Study 1 Mri Installation RadiologyDuring this installation we encountered several obstacles, both internal and external in nature, which we were able to manage in order to deliver the project on time and within a strict budget. This case study outlines the process.

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“We work in conjunction with Site Developers, Construction Managers and Other Builders to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. MICSA acts as Head Contractor or Sub-Contractor depending on client's requirements and existing relationships. We have an excellent industry reputation and adhere to the highest safety and regulatory requirements and licensing regimes”
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“We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of investors and property owners (being in the same situation many times over the years). Our goal is to make your job easier, provide extensive assitance in planning and commercial management and deliver results with high ROI.”
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“What makes us unique is our healthcare specific experience. Our key staff have not only construction expertise but also decades of healthcare operations and managament background. We understand healthcare like no other construction company in Australia. We work directly with medical practitioners to guide them through the process of planning, building and growing their infrastructure. ”
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Mri Fitout Cover How MICSA delivered the project on time and within a strict budget.
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Casestudy Vmc Cover This case study is an example of a turnkey solution in a complex hospital setting.
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Casestudy Unique Cover Comprehensive general practice, day surgery and pathology unit.
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