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General Company Introduction

Building Australian Healthcare

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MICSA has worked with hundreds of clients in variety of development stages - from early planning to construction, fitout and refurbishment. Our background is commercial and industrial construction, we have developed projects ranging in scale from as small as $50,000 to $5M 
Our capabilities include all aspects of commercial developments and construction in sectors such as healthcare, offices, factories, public buildings and more.




Civil Works, In-house Manufacturing & Construction Capabilities

At MICSA we have the full capacity, experience and suitable plant and equipment to engage in civil works, structural works, all aspects of commercial construction, formwork, concrete and steel works.

One of the advantages of working with us is our capability of control manufacturing and construction processes in-house. This ensures total control over the project and ability to deliver projects within strict timelines.

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Medical Centre Specific Case Studies

Casestudy Vmc CoverCasestudy Unique Cover

Radiology Specific Case Studies

Case Study 1 Mri Installation Radiology Case Study 2 Hospital Based Radiology Case Study 3 Community Based Radiology




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Delivering Value to Our Clients

We worked with hundreds of healthcare practitioners, developers and investors just like you
“We work in conjunction with Site Developers, Construction Managers and Other Builders to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. MICSA acts as Head Contractor or Sub-Contractor depending on client's requirements and existing relationships. We have an excellent industry reputation and adhere to the highest safety and regulatory requirements and licensing regimes”
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“We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of investors and property owners (being in the same situation many times over the years). Our goal is to make your job easier, provide extensive assitance in planning and commercial management and deliver results with high ROI.”
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“What makes us unique is our healthcare specific experience. Our key staff have not only construction expertise but also decades of healthcare operations and managament background. We understand healthcare like no other construction company in Australia. We work directly with medical practitioners to guide them through the process of planning, building and growing their infrastructure. ”
Testimonial3 Healthcare Practitioners Contact us for case studies and testimonials

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